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A holding company for a portfolio of innovative products, platforms and business models for the digital economy.

Designed for bold and purposeful action with a mission to break free from the constraints of the ordinary.

Bond & Play is a holding company for a portfolio of groundbreaking products, platforms, and business models designed for the digital economy.

With a keen eye for emerging trends, culture, and technologies, Imari leads a modular team of strategists, marketers, innovators, and developers who bring game-changing concepts to life. At Bond & Play, ideas are transformed into action.

Backed by a strategy, structure, and standards framework, the company relentlessly pursues its mission to drive progress that becomes the spark for potential and possibilities.

Imari Oliver

Founder + CEO, Bond & Play

Bond & Play is where inspired thinking comes to life, and bold ideas shape progress through an uncompromising commitment to maximize impact.

Portfolio Companies

The art and science of micro-learning

Barnaby Station is a text-message platform designed for distribution of bite-sized classes for people and companies to quickly learn or enhance skills — at scale or individually. 

Classes are perfect for business professionals, advertisers, entrepreneurs, students, and disadvantaged communities who want or need the latest skill-based and personal learning.

Smarter Cities, Stronger Communities

BP Smart City’s mission is to transform communities into pathways of equity, opportunity, and success at scale. It’s a bold idea where vibrant economic growth intersects with social impact, design, business, culture, and technology to drive equitable outcomes.

At its core, it’s an open tech platform for collaboration and innovation and an interconnected ecosystem of stakeholders united by a shared vision: unlock human potential and create a new future of urban revitalization, transformation, and economic sustainability.


Transforming inspiration and ideas into action

The Culture. Code. Humanity. conference is a transformation point for the bold — the doers and creators across industries ready to turn ideas into action, solutions into reality and unlock the next level of possibilities.

This event will demonstrate that everyone can thrive, technology can empower rather than oppress, and shared cultural values are the new currency.

Creators and visionaries will draw inspiration from a culture that shapes the vision. Programmers’ and designers’ concepts of code will be rewired, and everyone will be activated by a message of action that drives humanity’s advancement



RCARTx is a next-gen art festival that brings artists, technologists, creatives, and cultural experts across industries to showcase the latest advances in their fields.

Guests can expect to experience cutting-edge installations that blur the boundaries between art and science and performances that push the limits of what is possible.

It’s a platform for emerging and established artists to present their work and engage with diverse audiences.

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