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Welcome to Bond & Play

A holding company for a portfolio of innovative products, platforms and business models for the digital economy.


Built for business growth and value-creation

Bond & Play portfolio companies reflect business models optimized for digital innovation and transformation.

Our business model framework is measured against two key strategies: people and business.

  • Culture – Analysis of meta-trends to identify relevant and high-growth market opportunities and entry
  • Technology – Integrated data, media, and platforms to drive scale and engagement
  • Speed – Product and services market entry for an accelerated competitive advantage
  • Monetization  – Maximizing market potential and revenue generation

Imari Oliver

Founder + CEO, Bond & Play

One can't achieve only by learning. When your knowledge has accumulated to a certain extent, you must try to create. This idea drives our bias towards action and architecting digital platforms and solutions.

Portfolio Companies

The art and science of micro-learning

Barnaby Station is a text-message platform designed for distribution of bite-sized classes for people and companies to quickly learn or enhance skills — at scale or individually. 

Classes are perfect for business professionals, advertisers, entrepreneurs, students, and disadvantaged communities who want or need the latest skill-based and personal learning.

Digital production + creative studio

Spectrum Rain is inspired by the future of digital. We move at the speed of culture to build digital platforms and products across industries that redefines consumer engagement at all touch-points. 

On any given day we concept and produce multi-channel ideas around video games, film/TV series, mobile apps, social media and virtual experiences  —  rooted in the idea that the path to engage today’s Millennial and GenZ audiences are in platforms + data + media + commerce — integrated. 

We consult and partner with agencies, brands, and influencers.  

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OTT + Streaming Media Platform

Percy A.I. is an intelligent Content-to-Commerce OTT (over-the-top) platform and business solution.

Content + data is designed to entertain and drive purchase, — de-risking media and advertising investments. 

For viewers, it’s an ad supported streaming media platform of great content. For Brands, a targeted end-to-end solution for production, distribution and IP monetization.

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Sports Technology + D2C product innovation

A product development company that partners with brands, influencers and market leaders to create direct-to-consumer physical and digital brands across consumer, lifestyle and technology categories.

Each product is designed for market fit and potential to drives sales and purchase —  creating cult-like loyalty.

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